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World’s Largest Hologram Events Company

Events, Brand Activation, Launch Parties

World's Largest Hologram Events Company

Events, Brand Activation, Launch Parties

Are you planning an Event, Launch Party, Brand Activation or Party?
Wow your audience with Hologram technology!

Holograms are an amazing new technology. There are a variety of different devices. They project large 3D objects in the air that look real, and you can walk around them and see them from different sides. 

Some Examples:

We have Stage holograms that can project people in front of large audiences. We can make giant holograms that float in the air, e.g.: giant whales, old ships, giant drink cans, your company logo, a person’s face talking, etc. We can make bridges that go over rivers of hologram water with lotus blossoms and koi fish. Or a large hologram tunnel that people walk through and see another world or a new building project inside. 

Anything you can think of can be done. 

What This Is Not:

They are not virtual reality, (that is where you wear headsets with screens over your eyes). 

They are not Augmented reality, which is where you wear a head set with screens or hold up your phone or tablet and see something flat overlayed over the picture. 

They are not projection mapping: that is where you put flat projectors on building and make them colourful or put pictures on them, but everything is still flat. 

Holograms are far more impressive than those older forms of technology, Holograms use Lasers to project large objects in the air, that lots of people can see together. They can be animated, glowing or even interact with the audience.

What You Need To Know:

Holograms require darkness. You can still have downwards pointing lighting around them, but you cannot have them in day light, or a well lit room.  

Holograms do not just appear in the air, they require a large flat surface to come out from, either a wall or a floor. They project “up from” or “out of” the large flat surface. They come out about half the horizontal measurement of the wall, or 33% of a floor.  

They can also project back into the wall or floor any distance. So, you can have a large hole or seeing out into an open field. 

There are different variations to choose from, some holograms use glasses, others do not need glasses. 

There are also long hologram tunnels that can project environments all around people. 

Or hologram tables to show real estate or building designs

Hologram People

Holograms come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them are very impressive. We can also project hologram people. These can either be pre-recorded or we can use computer Ai to make them answer questions from pre-recorded responses. So, they can act very alive and have a conversation with people about your product. 

We can also make cartoon characters that get their voice and actions from pre-recorded people.

Reasons why you should use Axiom Holographics:

We build the equipment we use.  

Axiom Holographics produces more hologram devices than any other company in the world. Our customers include: Bentley, Lockheed martin, Four Seasons Resorts, Australian government etc. We run the Holoverse chain of hologram entertainment centres, so we really know what we are doing. (We have centres in Australia, Finland, Oman, and India)  
Most of our devices have no competitor at all. However, in the area of stage holograms there are a few other companies that do the same thing. A stage hologram is when you project a person on a stage using a laser projector and a large polymer silk curtain. This sort of technology is not as advanced as real holograms that project in the Air, but it still is a nice effect and is commonly used. Perhaps you have seen examples like Michael Jackson 2pac, and many others. The difference between those and Axiom holographic technology is that we have a way of bending the perception of the hologram character so that everyone in the room thinks that the hologram person is looking directly at them. So, if you have people on the left of the room and people o the right both think the character is turned to look at them at the same time.  

All other companies project flat images (that is all they get when they put a projector on a curtain), we have an innovative technology that uses light variations to map the objects as being 3d, and so people actually see large spinning objects that seem to be floating in the air rather than flat 2D pictures. These additional features are all patented so no one else has them.

Bentley Motors - Formula 1 Event

Bentley Motors used one of our hologram tables at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne. They had a 1 meter hologram car spinning on the table. People could change the wheel colours and many other features to customise the car they wanted, then they ordered it from Bentley. This was a 4-day brand-activation event, using our Axiom Hologram Table to engage with customers in a unique and memorable way. Bentley later reported that they sold several ultra-luxury vehicles as a result of using our Hologram Table for their brand activation event at the Grand Prix.

Four Seasons Resort - Maldives

Bill Gates’ Four Seasons chain of hotels wanted something special for their Four Seasons luxury resort in the Maldives. The Maldives is heavily involved in conservation work for giant manta rays. We built them a holographic room which fills up with holographic water (it is made of laser light) and then the customers go swimming with the manta rays. It is exceptionally beautiful. (This is a permanent attraction.) 

“We have recently launched an educational hologram room. We are particularly pleased with their manta ray module. This facility offers interactive Aquarium based content and has attracted much excitement and praise from our international clientele.” 
Armando Kraenzlin, Regional Vice President & General Manager  
Four Seasons Resorts – Maldives. 



Australian Defence Forces:

The Australian defence forces annual conference has around two thousand attendees. We did their opening and closing segments. This consisted of a hologram person (who led the event) and other hologram objects appearing on stage. The hologram was so lifelike that many people thought it was a person, so the actual lady came on to the stage to stand in front of the hologram. 



Daintree Rainforest Discovery Centre:

The Daintree rainforest is one of the best-known Australian rainforests. It is near the great barrier reef in cairns. Whilst it is unbelievably beautiful during the day most of the animals are hiding and so visitors do not get to appreciate them. We worked with them to make a theatre where the animals would appear holographically for all the audience to see. They also had a holographic Aboriginal man give a talk to tell guests all about the forest. Often in attractions an employee does the same show many times a day, now they can do the best version of the show using holograms. (This is a permanent attraction.)

Prime Minister Modi of India:

Prime minister Modi unveiled the plans for India’s largest airport. This airport was displayed at the event using one of our hologram tables. Guests were able to zoom in and out and see all the details. 


We also do museum shows all around the world, and many more.

Holographic Museum Exhibitions

We also do museum shows all around the world.

Museums constantly require new exhibitions to keep attracting their audience, and combined with worldwide cuts to government funding for all museums in recent years, they have begun to look at more cost-effective and less static exhibition options.

Axiom Holographics provides several types of Hologram Exhibition technology catering to a wide variety of different museum exhibitions: from smaller floor-mounted Holograms useful for displaying single creatures, to giant wall-scale Hologram systems that can accomodate significant numbers of visitors.

How Do We Collaborate With You?

You tell us your project and we make the content. 
We bring in the hologram equipment, set it up and stay with you for the event. 
We can arrange your entire event from start to finish or you can use an existing event management company you trust and we can look after the hologram equipment. 
You can rent the equipment or if you can buy it permanently.

Our Other Hologram Products

Hologram Tunnel Theme Park Attractions

The walls of our Hologram Tunnels use a new technology that makes them have real depth. This means that rather than looking flat, the visitors feel like they are in a large open environment. They can see mountains hundreds of kilometres away and they really do look like a window with objects far away. The hologram tunnel projects realistic animals that act alive. These animals are made with laser light, and they appear in the air of the tunnel. 

About Axiom Holographics

Our Leadership

Bruce Dell
CEO, Inventor / Founder / Award-Winning Public Speaker
Our CEO is Bruce Dell, who is considered to be one of Australia’s top inventors. He came second in China’s largest tech competition in 2019, and the mayor of Silicon Valley gave him the Yosemite award for best technology in 2019. Bruce was a keynote speaker alongside Steve Wozniak at the Australian Government Technology Convention.

David Merson
Chairman of Entertainment Division
David was the former CEO and founder of  “MINCOM” (formerly Australia’s largest Technology Company). Mincom had 1,300 employees and ARR of $200 million. David helps with business strategy and legal.

Matti Kattilakoski
Head of EU & US Expansion
Fmr. Head of NOKIA Digital US

Matti was the former head of Nokia Digital US. Nokia Digital US did very well for 15 years under Matti’s leadership. Matti has now joined Axiom Holographics to look after strategy in global expansion.

Axiom Holographics produces more hologram products for more industries than any other company.
Generally we make hologram equipment for the defence and science sectors. However, in the past 3 years we have been taking the advanced technology used in those sectors and using it in the entertainment sector.

Axiom Holographics produces a variety of attractions that use the latest hologram technology. Holograms are a new technology that project objects in the air using lasers. In the past hologram technology was very expensive and was only used by governments and defence, however the costs have come down significantly in recent years. Hologram attractions are very new, so most people have not seen them before.

Our shareholders include: Leica Geosystems (Switzerland), Morgan’s (Australia), Sheik Salem of Oman, executives from Softbank and the founders of MINCOM, formerly Australia’s largest software company.



In the non-entertainment sectors our customers include: US Marines, Four Seasons Resort Maldives (owned by Bill Gates), AIRBUS, Queensland Government (TMR), Bentley Motors, Hong Kong International Airport and Lockheed Martin, along with many more.


Europe Middle East:
Matti Kattilakoski
Phone number: +358 9 2316 5153
Main office: Helsinki Finland.

Australia, Asia:
Phone number: +61 7 3188 3119 
Main Office: Brisbane Australia

North and South America:
Brenden Hodgkins
Main Office: Austin Texas